Engagement ring guide

How Much

Preparing for an engagement and marriage is a once in a lifetime event. The accepted standard for an engagement ring budget is two months salary, but each couple is unique, and this should only be used as a benchmark. Budget aside, the most important considerations should be buying the best quality diamond for the price. Using our engagement ring guide, and our diamond education materials, you can feel confident in your purchase from our company.

The Right Style

Our company will help you find a ring that expresses your love as a couple--finding that balance between how you feel and what she likes. With the style of the ring there are two components to consider – the diamond itself and the setting that holds it. Even if you plan to surprise her, our time-honed tips for verifying her style and preferences will help you gather information without giving your secret away. Often, engagements are not a surprise, so the best way to get a ring that she will love forever is to shop together for this important purchase. If you are making this purchase independently, we can give you some tips to buy the ring that will make her heart leap.


The Diamond

The diamond is the center point of your diamond engagement ring, and we want our customers to be comfortable with their purchase. We want all of our customers to feel educated and informed about their investment. Following is some basic information about diamonds that you will need to purchase your engagement ring.

The Right Shape

The shape of your diamond is one of the key aspects of the style of the ring you choose. The traditional round shaped diamond is the most popular, with the square princess cut a distance second. Oval, emerald, marquise and pear shapes are among the other shape choices.


The Right Size

Size is not the only consideration when buying a diamond. The 4Cs all work together to help you find the diamond that you and your loved one will adore, at a price that is desirable. After you have learned about the 4C's you will find that there are a variety of sizes available to fit any budget.


The 4C's

  • Cut – The way your diamond is cut, judged by its angles and proportions.
  • Color – The degree of colorlessness of your diamond.
  • Clarity – The presence and visibility of inclusions in your diamond.
  • Carat Weight – The weight of your diamond. Along with cut, this determines the size of your diamond.

The Setting

Choosing an engagement ring is an extremely personal experience, and now that you have some background information and an awareness of quality characteristics, you're ready to explore some ring styles. This section will show basic engagement ring designs and explain the unique features of each.

Knowing about your partner's tastes, sense of style and lifestyle are all important when choosing a ring setting. Making observations of these clues can help you determine some of the characteristics of the type of setting you would like to choose.

Peruse these options with the peace of mind that you already have all of the knowledge you need – with a little patience and attention, the perfect ring will seem easy to recognize.


The Right Jeweler

The magnitude of this purchase – both materially and symbolically, requires more than you generally expect from a jeweler or other merchant. In addition to selection, price, expertise, and availability, here are some essential services that you should look for.

Diamond Certificate

A diamond certificate or diamond grading report accompanies all superior-quality diamonds and is your only way of verifying the 4C's of your stone. An independent industry authority like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL) provides this documentation, and it is included with all of our diamonds.


Ring appraisal

A ring appraisal is important for the purposes of insuring your ring. Once a value is assessed, your insurance company can provide coverage against loss, theft, or damage. Our company will provide a free appraisal for all purchases above $2,500.

30-day return policy

In making a purchase that will last a lifetime, you want to be sure that your jeweler offers a return policy that ensures you will be fully satisfied with your ring. A no-questions-asked return policy like that offered by our company gives you the ability to return the purchase for any reason. Our company gives you 30 days to determine if the ring is exactly what you want.