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Fancy diamond Shapes

In general, any faceted diamond (with the exception of the RBC) is considered a Fancy Shape Diamond. Many new shapes have been created recently, but some are still considered classics. Diamond shapes like the Oval Cut, Marquise Cut, and Emerald Cut are household names. Since these fancy shapes lack the 360 degree symmetry of a RBC, it is harder to establish an 'ideal' set of parameters to please everyone. However, there are guidelines that you can follow when choosing a Fancy Shape Diamond. One major area of concern is the "length to width" ratio (L x W). This value gives the buyer an idea of how long and wide the stone may appear. The preferred ranges are established below, but remember, they're only guidelines.

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The Round Brilliant Cut (RBC) is the most popular and classic shape. They make up more than three quarters of all diamonds used in jewelry. Each RBC diamond has 57 or 58 facets (depending on if a culet is present). When properly cut, these facets work together to refract and reflect light for optimum beauty. The round shape is the benchmark to which all other diamond shapes are judged.


An Oval has a symmetrical, elongated shape, which rivals the brilliance of a RBC. This shape can be perfect for women with short fingers or small hands, to give the illusion of length and slenderness to the hand.


Like the Oval, the Marquise Cut is an elongated form, but with pointed ends. The elongated shape makes fingers look longer.


Shaped like a teardrop, the Pear shape is a combination of the Oval and the Marquise shapes. It's lovely for rings, but it is especially perfect for drop earrings and pendants.


The classic Heart shape design is the most romantically themed. A high degree of skill is required to craft this special cut. Look for symmetry and evenness of design.


The Emerald Cut is also commonly referred to as a Rectangular or Square Step Cut stone. This diamond usually has cut corners and is also known as a Step Cut because of its large trapezoidal-shaped facets resembling stair steps. Since the facets are usually larger than other cuts, inclusions may be more visible under 10 X magnification.


The Princess Cut is second only to the Round Brilliant Cut in popularity. It is a relatively new style, and is often cut deeper than RBC diamonds to maximize brilliance. The Princess Cut is available in the popular square shape or rectangular.


Radiant Cut diamonds are usually square or rectangular with or without trimmed corners. This style combines the beauty of a Round Brilliant Cut with the elegant shape of an Emerald Cut. Like the Princess Cut, very deep cuts are not uncommon to enhance brilliance.

Other Fancy Shapes

Most Fancy Shapes not listed are available upon request. Please contact our customer service.