Our Expertise

AMERICAN PEARL is the next generation of fine jewelers. Offering our clients the knowledge and reliability of over half a century of jewelry expertise while integrating the convenience and cost-savings of the internet. The grandchild of American Pearl & General Company, AMERICAN PEARL has inherited decades of outstanding customer services that distinguished American Pearl founder, Charlie Bakhash, as a jeweler of international renown.

A pioneer in his industry, Charlie Bakhash built an unprecedented network of contacts throughout the world - a legacy that enables us to continue offering superior jewelry at incomparable prices. The business has grown apace with the family, and though a new branch of the family tree, AMERICAN PEARL is committed to maintaining Charlie's reputation for honesty, quality and value.

AMERICAN PEARL applies time-honored Bakhash family experience to distinguishing the most talented new designers from around the world. Each new offering is handpicked for exceptional quality and craftsmanship, and our array of styles ensures you will find the perfect diamond for any occasion. From classic pieces to striking innovations, whether shopping for a loved one or for you, the collection at AMERICAN PEARL reflects cultivation beyond convention - bringing a global selection right into your home or office.