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Step 3: Why Quality Always Comes First

As you read on, you may ask yourself why our company repeatedly writes “the finest quality diamonds at wholesale prices”. It so happens to be that this is our company mantra or sacred formula that Charlie has always passed on to our many loyal customers. You are always encouraged to purchase the finest quality diamonds in your price range. There are many reasons for this: (1) finer quality diamonds are the most beautiful, (2) finer quality diamonds are the most durable and (3) finer quality diamonds have the best chance of improving in value over time. When you make a purchase that subscribes to these three factors, you have protected your investment.

Here is our thinking. If one were to examine why diamonds have shown themselves throughout history, it is because of their inherent beauty. Beauty is the paramount reason why people purchase diamonds and why people are enamored with them in the first place. The more beauty you can purchase, the more likely your diamonds will be valued and enjoyed. Beauty is the reason why diamonds are what they are. If people did not think diamonds were beautiful, they would be worthless. Beautiful diamonds are also sought after. Consumers are always looking for finer quality diamonds and through this process increase the demand for them. Therefore, purchasing the finest quality diamonds in your price range is always the wisest choice. Later, we will reveal the nuances within diamond quality that contribute to beauty. However, for now, it is important to understand that quality is paramount in the hunt for a diamond.

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