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Step 2: Understand why Diamonds are Valuable?

Throughout history, diamonds have shown themselves in practically every civilization and culture imaginable. From ancient Egypt to Mesopotamia, the unmistakable presence of diamonds is difficult to deny. In these early days, where much upon the earth was still undiscovered, the sheer beauty, brilliance and awe of the first diamond ever discovered, surely differentiated itself from anything else.

Perhaps it was the diamond's beauty that first enamored these ancient people? Or could it be the diamonds' indestructibility that caused people who owned them to associate similar feelings about themselves. Of course, with this beauty came an increased demand for something that was still unknown. In fact, the harder the ancients tried to find diamonds, the more difficult it was to find them. Within this first cycle of discovery, awe and the need to have more, the ancients unknowingly created a process that would give birth to the most valuable gem in the world-Diamonds. This is how diamonds have became a part of our lives.

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