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Step 1: Background

As a jewelry wholesaler Charlie Bakhash never intended on selling his diamonds to the public. Rather, his reputation as an expert in the jewelry trade was purely amongst the buyers of upscale stores throughout America. Somehow, his office in the diamond and jewelry district in Manhattan gradually became public knowledge—and so the public began to show up unannounced. Charlie has always believed in being straight and true with his customers and finds a certain joy in making people happy, so he offered his diamonds to consumers at the same prices he sold them to stores.

Charlie also understood that much of a diamond’s value is secretly hidden in the proportions of the stone; a science understood only by a select few. This secret is seldom revealed by sellers to prospective buyers as it empowers consumers shopping for diamonds. As an honest businessman, Charlie recognized this and made it his mission in life to educate his customers. This way, he could arm his customers with the necessary knowledge needed to purchase the finest quality diamonds at truly wholesale prices—a wise strategy in the purchase of any precious jewelry. This is how our story unfolds and how our company sells the finest quality diamonds in the world to consumers at prices well below what other jewelers are willing to sell them to you for. In fact, if you purchase a diamond with our company, you would pay the same price a jewelry store would pay before markup.

It is Charlie’s sons, Joseph and Edward, both GIA (Gemological Institute of America) trained diamond graders, who continue this tradition under the guidance of their father. Today, A merican Diamond is a member of the New York Diamond Dealer’s Club, the world’s leading market maker for polished diamonds in the world. In fact, our company has two offices on Fifth Avenue in New York’s Diamond District—directly across the street from THE DIAMOND DEALERS CLUB-- where our company’s staff is constantly procuring the finest diamonds available. As a result, we have direct access to the world’s finest selection of newly cut diamonds. Through our website, AmericanDiamond.com, we bring these finely cut polished diamonds to discerning consumers at truly wholesale prices. If you compare our company prices to other sellers of loose diamonds, you will quickly discern that our prices are well below what any other seller is willing to offer to you.

Please be our guest and read on as we show you why diamonds are valuable, why people buy diamonds, how they are valued in the trade and how to make an informed purchase.

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