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What follows below is a step-by-step guide that will reveal the inner-workings of the diamond industry and offer you an opportunity to obtain the hidden knowledge needed to purchase a fine quality diamond at truly wholesale prices. We say “step-by-step” because we understand that most consumers will not complete all of the steps needed to intelligently purchase a diamond. However, we strongly encourage you to so. If you haven’t finished all of the steps, by no means are you ready to invest in a diamond. After all, diamonds are extremely expensive and minute differences in a diamond’s characteristics can translate into a fortune in price. By dividing this essay into steps, one will be able to determine how much knowledge they have obtained within the full spectrum and determine for oneself if they are comfortable with this. Either way, all of the necessary information is presented here for your review. Of course, this essay is a course whose impetus originated with Charlie Bakash the founder of our company, whose loving dealings with his customers brought fourth this essay. And now you too have the opportunity to be touched by Charlie—A legend in his own right.

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